Chat with Us

Chat with Us - Speak, Listen, Communicate

This program is designed to make students talk about different topics of conversation activating a good range of vocabulary and language structures.  

Main Goals:

  • eliminate recurrent mistakes (mainly when using verb tenses)
  • acquire many words and idiomatic expressions
  • improve listening comprehension and pronunciation
  • gain self-confidence and have fun

Features: online sessions (MSTeams), 4 students + 1 trainer, ELTE virtual portal for personalized additional training

Program Description: 36 weeks - 54hs - 1,5h session/ week

The course is divided in 2 parts - 18hs each part:
Chat with Us (Part 2): Jan 8th-March 29th, 2024 (tuition:290€)*
Chat with Us (Part 3): April 2nd-June21st, 2024  (tuition:290€)*

*Tuition is paid at the beginning of each part (January'24 and April'24)

Join us, don't miss out! If interested send an email to or ask information through our Whatsapp number (in the website)

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