English for Work

Who it is for: those professionals who are currently, or will be, reporting project status, making presentations, jumping in many Teams videocalls, interacting with colleagues and managers in English.


  • eliminating recurrent mistakes (we will focus on verb tenses, conditionals, question patterns)
  • improving listening comprehension (understanding different accents, acquiring techniques to remember what you just heard)
  • acquiring and using language structures which help you convey clear and effective message
  • working on pronunciation and intonation
  • increasing vocabulary stock (phrasal verbs and idioms)
Length: 51hs (34 weeks - 1,5h/ week)
Format: Online ILT (Instructor led training) - 1 trainer + 5 students (similar communication levels)
Day and Time: 1 afternoon/ week (to be confirmed)
Tuition: 765 € (includes all teaching hours, class material, access to Microlearning courses platform, ELTE Training portal App)
New!English Corners: Come and have additional conversation sessions with like-minded professionals (optional)

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